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About Us

About Fitochem

Fitochem laboratories is an emerging innovation in manufacturing, exporting and supplying phytomolecules and standardized herbal extracts and phytomolecules based at Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, established in the year 2012 and it has different headquarters at Gurugram. Fitochem laboratories is verified seller offering supreme quality of herbal extracts globally. Fitochem laboratories is managed by professionals and the company is engaged in supplying high grade herbal extracts and phytomolecules for domestic and international customers. A dedicated team of technocrats and research scholars are capable of meeting the client’s specification with prompt delivery schedule.

The company is organised by professional under leadership of Dr. V K Tripathi, PhD (Phytochemistry), IMS, BHU, Post doc, CDRI and CIMAP Lucknow, with an experience of more than 25 years in leading herbal industries at senior positions and Dr. R C Tripathi, PhD in phytochemistry, IMS, BHU. The company is promoted by many more learned scientists who have rich experience in research on natural products.

From Director's Desk

Greetings and welcome to the Fitochem Laboratories. The Fitochem Laboratories specializes in isolation of active molecules from natural sources.This results in thr production of Phytochemicals,which are used by other pharmaceutical companies as their raw products.The hard work and the best products are the foundations of Fitochem Laboratories alongwith GMPs certifications we ensure that our finished products are upto the level to meet the requirements of the customer in context of purity and consistency.

Our primary focus is to provide highest customer services to our clients. We are continuously emerging in terms of our R&D to innovate new products and research natural resources using the scientific knowledge and wisdom of compassionate experts in the field. We always keep ourself close to the needs of the market in an ever changing healthcare sector to ensure growth and sustainability.
Our mission to position Natura Biotechnol in the world market as a provider of complete solution for healthy lives in an environment of trust based on harnessing (bountiful) natural resources using scientific knowledge.