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Production facilities

Manufacturing Plants

The total occupied area by the company is 1.2 acres. The processing capacity of the company is 500 tonnes of raw herbs on annual basis. The production facilities are assisted by equipments like spray dryer, rising film evaporator, vertical extractors, tray dryers and falling film evaporators supporting processes like fractional distillation and vacuum distillation. To ensure proper functioning we maintain low temperature throughout the whole process.

Perculator 10 KL 3
Extractor reactor 3KL 4
Drum dryer 500 litres 1
Spray dryer 200 kg 1
Distillation unit 5 KL 1
3 KL 1
1 KL 1
Pilot plant 100 kg 1
Falling film evaporator 700 litres/hour 1

Research & Development

The experienced staffs of production keeps an eye on developing trends and on what the company is doing along with analysis and a sound understanding of current situation. Experienced staffs ensures quality control and testing of standardized extracts by in-house testing equipments.

Testing Equipments

  • HPLC
  • Digital density meter
  • Microbiology lab
  • Spectrophotomete
  • Digital spectrometer
  • Heavy metal testing (tie-up with ozone pharmaceuticals NABL accredited lab)
  • State of the art in-house chemical testing lab
  • Pesticide testing (tie-up with ozone pharmaceuticals)
  • And many more testing depending on the requirements from accredited labs globally.